Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spiced Rum, Meet Spiced Whiskey

Why should spiced rum be the only booze to rake in the cash during the current craze over, well, spiced rum?

Here comes spiced whiskey.

Actually Revel Stoke, a spiced Canadian whisky, has been around for a decade. But it's always been hard to find in the U.S. (Perhaps no one was looking.) And in recent years, the Phillips Distilling Company, which produced it, began focusing on other projects.

But now their interest has been revived, and Revel Stoke will fill U.S. shelves this fall, all "re-branded" and everything. Phillips freely admits that the spiced rum boom inspired the move. "Since 30 percent of all rum volume is spiced, Phillips Distilling Company thought that the same could be applied to whisky," said a spokesperson. Revel Stoke is 90 proof. This is a higher proof than competitors Jack Daniels or Crown Royal. Phillips recommends you drink it with Coca-Cola, which, I predict, many will, if only to afford themselves the opportunity of ordering a "Stoke and Coke."

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