Monday, September 13, 2010

Roberta's First Cocktail Menu

Finally got ahold of the new cocktail list at Roberta's, the hip pizzeria out Bushwick way. Here it is:

Greg’s Girlfriend 8
tito’s handmade vodka, helios, raspberries, lime, black pepper

Old Fashioned 9
rebel yell bourbon, orange, maraschino cherry, angostura bitters

Summer Bummer 10
Cava Rosat, fresh mint lemonade

Natur 10
plymouth gin, campari, simple syrup, lime, soda

El Ulises 11
tequilador reposado, lime, grand marnier, habañero jelly

Moscow Mule 11
tito’s handmade vodka, regatta ginger beer, fresh ginger, lime

‘Bertini 11
farmer’s organic gin, garden lemon balm

White City 11
crop organic cucumber vodka, green chartreuse, grapefruit

American Nightmare 12
booker’s bourbon, vergano americano, lemon, clove, orange bitters

Saint Michael 12
hendricks gin, st germain, yellow chartreuse, brooklyn honey & pollen, lemon juice, angostura bitters

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Anonymous said...

I have recently become acquainted and obsessed with the Moscow Mule. It sounds great with fresh ginger! The one I had was made with cucumber puree. Here is the recipe: