Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mad Men and Drinking, Season Four, Episode 10: Don Needs a Drink!

And he deserves one! When Draper learned that the Feds were looking into his background after SCDP client North American Aviation requested a security check, he reached right for the Canadian Club, and threw a belt back, despite having backed off the juice all summer 1965. He then had a panic attack, threw up, confessed his past to new squeeze Faye, and leaned on Pete Campbell, of all people, to make it right.

But, oh, how the trouble rained down on all of SCDP in "Hands and Knees," episode 10 of season four. Roger and Joan's impromptu tryst of episode 9 resulted in an unwanted pregnancy, one the couple talked over at the Tip Toe Inn over a Bloody Mary (Joan) and Gibson (Roger). Roger was dealt a second blow when Lucky Strike, personified by the sleezeball bully Lee Garner, Jr., and the agency's biggest account by far, pulled the plug after 30 years of business. Roger got so upset he pounded the restaurant table and upended a couple glasses of Cognac. And Lane Pryce, hoping to see his son from London, was instead greeted by his brutal father, who made his argument that Lane should return home to his family with the business end of his cane, knocking young Pryce to the floor. Remember, dad's the man Lane described in episode 3 as "the kind of alcoholic who thinks he's a collector." It couldn't have helped matters that Lane is now dating a black waitress at the Playboy Club, where he likes to order Whiskey Sours. (Dad, ever the collector of exotic foreign liquors, ordered Bourbon.)

When Roger finally has the guts to tell the partners at the firm that Lucky is gone, they'll all need a stiff drink.

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