Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sasha Petraske Keeps It Simple at Lambs Club

I must say I do appreciate cocktail man Sasah Petraske's unflagging classicism. When all others are dabbling in this trend and that new fad, he pretty much sticks to the pre-Prohibition playbook. The menu he's come up with for midtown's newly refurbishing Lambs Club, set inside the Chatwal Hotel, may be his starkest yet, a mere five selections long. In a nod or two to modernity, it makes room for vodka and St. Germain.

The Lambs is on W. 44th between Broadway and Sixth. It's location it no mistake. It was once a prominent theatrical club, with origins in London. It was founded in 1869, named after Charles and Mary Lamb, who apparently were the objects of much actor freeloading back in the 19th century. The American version came in 1874. Members included Irving Berlin, Fred Astaire, Bert Lahr and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Lowe first met at the Club. 

I was unhappy to see the old interior ripped apart. But perhaps, how, it will become a theatrical hangout again.

Here's the lists:


Gold Rush Bourbon, Lemon, Honey

Southside Gin, Lime Juice, Sugar, Mint

Old Fashioned Bourbon, Sugar, Bitters, Orange Peel

Cherry Fix Vodka or Rum, Fresh Cherries, Lemon, Crushed Ice

St. Hilaire Cava and St. Germain

(Photos from Urban Daddy)

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