Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Official Drinking Day du Jour: Whiskey Sour Day

I thank Michael Collins Irish whiskey for clueing me in on the significance of Aug. 25, which is apparently National Whiskey Sour Day.

"The whiskey sour is not only one of the oldest and most classic of cocktails of all time but also one of the most well known," they inform me. Then the press release spins a tale about sailors and scurvy which I found rather suspect. I've heard that sailors used to mix a bit of citrus in with their daily ration of rum, and found the tonic had healthful properties. But whiskey? 

Ah well. Could be. Certainly, the Whiskey Sour is an old refresher, dating back to the 19th century at least. And certainly, nobody really gives much thought to the drink these days, though it is a reliable refresher.

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