Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mixologists Are Coke-Heads

Mixologists have their obsessions, God knows. They'll walk a country mile for a rare liqueur and will camp out overnight at a farmer's market to get first choice of the herbs they need for infusions.

But the passion for "Mexican" Coca-Cola has to be among the oddest phenomena in the mixology world. You don't spend much time in bartending circles before you learn that Mexico and the U.S. get different version of the world's favorite soft drink. Ours is sweetened with corn syrup. Mexico's is still made with cane sugar. Why the company does this, I don't know. It may have something to do with the fact that Mexico drinks more Coke than any other beverage, and the corporation wants to keep the population happy.

Bartenders will tell you that the taste of Mexican Coke is far superior to American Coke. So, when they make a Rum and Coke, or whatever cocktail that might require The Pause That Refreshes, they want the Mexican version.

Problem is, this isn't Mexico.

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Pantagruel said...

btw, I believe the difference is entirely due to the combination of corn subsidies and sugar tariffs our federal government has seen fit to burden us with, which make corn syrup way cheaper that real sugar in the US.