Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Debut Menu for the Coffee Program at The Randolph

Never like Irish Coffee. And, hence, I tended to take a dim view of the idea of the "coffee cocktail." That is, until I sampled the quite wonderful inventions being served up at The Randolph. The Little Italy bar recently opened its doors to daylight hours, presenting what must be the most sophisticated line of coffee cocktails in New York. (There's regular coffee, too, but you know where my interests lie.)

I met with Troy Sidle—the newest member of the Alchemy Consulting team, which put together the program for The Randolph—and he led me through a tasting of several of the creations. I didn't sip anything I didn't like. You can read more about the place in this Diner's Journal item I wrote up for the Times.

Meanwhile, here's the opening menu:

Pourovers & Press Pots $4
Augmented Coffees $6.5
New World—toasted pecans, cream, salt
Fountainhead—sarsaparilla, orange peel, star anise
Summer Road—malted milk powder, Oaxacan chocolate
Pemberton—kola nut, eucalyptus, lavender honey
Spice Trader—mace, cardamom, Tahitian vanilla
(All augmented drinks are available on the rocks)
Coffee Cocktails $13
World's Best Dad—Laird's Applejack, coffee, sweet vermouth
Cup o' Jerry—Sailor Jerry Rum, coffee, Ramazzotti, orange peel
Double Punch—Gran Sierpe Pisco, Coffee, Maraska Maraschino, grapefruit peel
Slow Trip to New Orleans—Bulleit Bourbon, coffee, Plymouth Sloe Gin
Incoming Tide—Landy Cognac, coffee, Cherry Heering

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