Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Bottle Change

Old liqueurs just can't stop changing their bottles.

First there was Drambuie. Then Benedictine. And Herbsaint. Now its Chambord's turn. The vessel is still a fat little orb it always was, but, "The crown is indicative of Chambord’s royal beginnings and Chambord’s detailed lattice patterns adorn the label and crown. The brand name is boldly displayed and is instantly readable and immediately identifiable. The new bottle offers simpler, cleaner pours and the neck and cap have been redesigned to improve usability while cleaner, clearer and lighter weight glass showcases the brand’s deep, natural color."

This all happens as the raspberry-flavored liqueur announced a new product, Chambord Flavored Vodka, "a balance of premium quality French vodka infused with Chambord Liqueur."


Geoff said...

These round bottles are still hard to pour. I like the old bottle look better though ....

frederic said...

Hopefully they will return with the chastity belt bottle if/when they put the classic Forbidden Fruit liqueur back into production.