Friday, January 29, 2010

The Sipping News

Sasha Petraske to open a cocktail-jazz joint at 39th and Lex. I've been saying Midtown needed a decent cocktail place for years. And, to tantalize me further, he mentioned the words "Mad Men." [Fork in the Road]

Eben Freeman is all about cocktail carts, saying the "future is tableside." [Fork in the Road]

Freeman also announced the line-up of his "Cocktail All-Stars" thing,  which runs Feb. 8-10. Evening will focus of Eastern influences to drink-making and there will be an "Old-Timers" night, just like, you know, they do for baseball. [Grub Street]

Ravi DeRossi's Carteles will have a Rum Bar upstairs, with Charlotte Voisey in charge of the menu. [Grub Street]

The Way of Tiki Bars in NYC, Back When. [Diner's Journal]

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