Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mission Dolores, New Tavern from Bar Great Harry Owners, to Open Soon

Mike and Ben Wiley, the owners of Bar Great Harry, the best beer bar along Smith Street's restaurant row, will have their new place, Mission Dolores, open by late January, early February at the latest.

Located at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Carroll Street, in Gowanus, it will be another craft beer haven, but with a larger draft selection and a big courtyard out back. Dub pies will be served, just as they are at Bar Great Harry.

With Mission Dolores' arrival, Gowanus East can safely be called a beer-lovers destination, what with Draft Barn at Third Avenue and 12th Street and Bell House at 7th Street near Second Avenue.


erik_flannestad said...

Huh? Mission Dolores?

Are they ex-San Franciscans?

Are they aware that Dolores means "Sorrows"?

LetsGoWayBack said...

Bar Great Harry smells like sweaty socks.

Robert Simonson said...

One of the owners, Mike, lived in San Francisco for a number of years.