Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Sippling News

Everyone's writing about tequila these days. Everyone's writing about Phil Ward. [Esquire and Details via Alcademics]

Tyler Colman mixes it up with Anthony Dias Blue of The Tasting Panel, the latest episode in the ongoing Robert Parker-wine ethics flap he uncovered a couple months ago. [Dr. Vino]

California's wine industry isn't liking the recession very much. [NY Times] This may lead, Eric Asimov speculates, to the decreased use of new oak. (Let's hope.)

The Daily News asks Gotham bartenders which drinks define their neighborhood. The defining cocktail in The Bronx? Jameson and a beer! Jesus, somebody open up a decent bar up there. But the state of things in Staten Island is worse: A shot of Jagermeister is dropped into a glass of Red Bull and chugged. [Daily News]

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