Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Wine Store in Red Hook

Some time after the irreplaceable LeNell's closed on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, it looks like the neighborhood is going to get a new wine store to fill the alcohol gap. The place will be called Botta de Vino and it'll sit right to the left of the popular bakery and cafe, Baked. A choice spot.

They have a website up already, which doesn't tell you much except that they'll be open seven days a week. The shop says it will be devoted to the BYOB ethos: "Our wonderful small town community has several new restaurants awaiting your visit. Most of them with the exception of Home Made, The Good Fork and 360 are BYOB. Botta de Vino will be featuring a selection solely devoted to this style. These wines will be low to mid range in price so that you can enjoy a well rounded meal with the company of a quality red, white or rose."

Could be good. Doubt it will be a patch on LeNell's, though.

The former home of LeNell's (below), by the way, has now been empty for five months. What a smart little landlord was hers.

RELATED UPDATE: Lenell Smothers, giving up on New York, plans to open a cocktail B&B in....Mexico.

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