Friday, April 1, 2011

Tuthilltown to Serve Barrel-Aged Manhattans at MCC, Tales

Tuthilltown Spirits—the Hudson Valley whiskey make which has done mightily well by the barrel-aged cocktail trend, selling dozens (hundreds?) of its 3-gallon oak barrels to bartenders and cocktailians looking to put some Negronis and Martinezes in wood—will be serving up some of its own, homemade barrel-aged beauties at the upcoming Manhattan Cocktail Classic and Tales of the Cocktails conventions.

Tuthilltown recently drafted Portland bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler, the father of the barrel-aged trend, to its distillery to prepare several barrels of Manhattans—three casks for MCC use and two for Tales use. A video of the process was shot.

Their recipe for the Manhattan is a bit unorthodox: Tuthilltown corn whiskey, sweet white vermouth and orange bitters. Their figuring the wood will provide the needed color.

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