Friday, April 29, 2011

Andaz Fifth Avenue Honors Manhattan Cocktail Classic With Special MCC Advisors Cocktail List

Andaz 5th Avenue, the hotel whose fine basement bar cocktail menu was devised by the Alchemy consulting crew, will pay homage for the upcoming Manhattan Cocktail Classic by doing a special month-long May cocktail menu in partnership with the cocktail convention.

The list will feature original cocktails by six of MCC's baker's dozen of advisory board members, including drinks invented by mixologists Julie Reiner and Dale DeGroff, William Grant & Co.'s Charlotte Voisey, Pernod Ricard's Simon Ford, and journalist/authors David Wondrich and Gary Regan. Here's the list:

Dale DeGroff – Ritz Cocktail (Cognac, Cointreau, Maraschino liqueur, lemon juice, Champagne, orange peel garnish)
Simon Ford - Sacrebleu (Martell Cognac VSOP, sweet red vermouth, Cointreau, Peychaud's bitters, Pernod Absithe)
Gary Regan – Mink Coat and No Manners (Don Julio blanco tequila, green Chartreuse, cayenne pepper)
Julie Reiner – Bridgetown Stomp (Cockspur rum, Cinzano sweet vermouth, Campari, Cio Ciarro, simple syrup, orange bitters, orange twist)
Charlotte Voisey – Unusual Negroni (Hendrick's gin, Lillet blanc, Aperol, grapefruit twist)
David Wondrich – The Weeski (Jameson Irish whiskey, Lillet blanc, Cointreau, orange bitters, lemon peel garnish)

All the drinks are $16.

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