Monday, April 25, 2011

M. Wells Toying With Tiki

I visited the hot Long Island City restaurant/diner M. Wells the other day to sample through some of the cocktail program (recommended: the Defenestration), when mixologist Zachary Gelnaw-Rubin gave me a looksee at something he's working on for the warmer months. (Warning: this drink is still very much in the works, and is not currently available.) He's ordered about a hundred coconuts. After hollowing them out, he fills them with a blended tiki concoction (currently coconut milk, batavia arrack, lime, sugar and Aperol). The retained coconut water, meanwhile, is serves in a rocks glass, upon which the coconut vessel is perched, as seen above.

"So, like a hangover and the hangover cure served in one package," I said. "Exactly," he replied. I'd buy that.

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organicgal said...

I love anything coconut so would like to try this.