Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Name Change

You may have noticed that the title of this blog has changed.

When I began this liquor-soaked chronicle in January 2007, "Off the Presses" seemed an appropriate play on words, as my posts were mainly about wine. Since then, however, I've come to write as much about cocktail, spirits and beer as I do about wine. (I choose no favorites among those four.) So the name seemed a bit off, or at least not as all-encompassing as it ought to have been.

So—even though the name-change will no doubt cause me a few months of transitional headache—I have made a switch to "Make It Simple, But Significant." "Mad Men" fans will recognized that as a quote from the Aug. 29, 2010, episode of the show. Don Draper, asked for his drink order, makes that eloquent request. The wording matches my tastes. There's nothing I like more in a drink than something done expertly well, but simply presented. No doubt, Don was asking for either a rye, or an Old Fashioned. No objection to either.

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Lorna W said...

Love the new name- congrats!

Lorna from Boston