Thursday, August 26, 2010

More on the New Lambs Club

I stopped by the softly opening Lambs Club in the Chatwal Hotel yesterday and learned a bit more about the Sasha Petraske-created drinks program.

First of all, the space, while a bit garish, is also gorgeous, and reminds one of the glamour that was once associated with the theatre district. I suspect it will become catnip for theatre types, who are always looking for an attractive backdrop. The mezzanine bar (seen above in the rear of the picture) is long and luxurious, its top a warmly glowing red glass, Empire State Building-shaped silver light fixtures above, the barmen in white jackets, hands folded behind their backs when they're not working.

Petraske's five-drink menu will expand in coming weeks to include from 25 to 30 cocktails, among them the La Floridita and Red Hook. I sampled the Cherry Fix (with rum) and the Gold Rush. Both were excellent, peerlessly made and wonderfully presented, the Cherry Fix tasting wonderfully of fresh cherries, and filled to the brim with crushed ice, the Gold Rush an easy-drinking chilly dream. (The Cherry Fix will only be on the menu as long as cherries are in season, so hurry on down.) Downside: the cocktails are $18, easily among the most expensive in town.

Lambs Club will begin serving lunch next week. The grand stone fireplace in the dining room, by the way, is one of the last elements of the old Lambs Club that remains in place, although the wood paneling certainly looked familiar to me, as well as the cushioned doors leading to the restrooms.


Marc Baron said...

The Lambs Club Restaurant is not related in any way to The Lambs, Inc., an active and historical social club for the entertainment industry.

The Lambs® is a registered trademark of The Lambs, Inc. (often referred to as The Lambs' club). Our web site is - and the Chatwal hotel has not purchased The Lambs or licensed the use of our name. They have renovated a building erected by The Lambs in 1905; the Lambs has been located on West 51st St for over 35 years.

As per an agreement, a disclaimer must be prominently displayed in the restaurant, its website and any/all publicity or advertisement.

Marc Baron, Boy (VP)
The Lambs, Inc.

Robert Simonson, "Our Man in the Liquor-Soaked Trenches"-New York Times. said...

I know this all, well and true, Marc. However, I should think the Lambs Club would be thrilled to have their name associated with such a swank place. Keeps the club in the news, anyway.