Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brooklyn Farmacy to Roll of Egg Cream Cart at Brooklyn Flea

Pete Freeman, owner of Carroll Gardens' retro soda fountain Brooklyn Farmacy, and all-around nouveau evangelist of the egg cream, is not content to merely serve the frothy, old-school treats inside his Brooklyn shop. He's taking his act on the road.

Freeman told me that a Brooklyn Farmacy egg cream cart will soon make its debut at the Brooklyn Flea—maybe as early as this weekend! The wheeled contraction will be equipped with a couple seltzer spigots and a cooling system that will keeping all the ingredients—seltzer, milk, syrup—icy cold.

The cart is actually the property of Ron Starman, a third-generation seltzer man who set up Freeman's seltzer system at the Farmacy. In the past Starman had manned the cart himself. Freeman hopes to have a fleet of carts in the future, so that Brooklyn kids may never lack for egg creams.

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Have you guys heard it's been done?