Monday, July 19, 2010

Whiskey Town/Tavern Guys to Open Williamsburg Branch

Pickle Backs are on their way to Brooklyn.

The folks who brought you Whiskey Town and Whiskey Tavern will soon be bringing you a Whiskey Something or Other in the Williamsburg.

George and Justin Ruotolo, the brothers behind the East Village bar Whiskey Town, opened in 2007 on East 3rd Street, and the Chinatown joint Whiskey Tavern, opened 2009 on Baxter Street (with partner Rob Magill), expect the place to be open by the end of the summer. (Name and address to come later.)

One can reasonably expect a place much like the first two, sporting a wide array of whiskeys by the glass, cheap beers, lots of bacon on the menu and a regular-guy atmosphere. And, of course, Pickle Backs. A lot of bars claim credit for the popular drinking trend, but the two Whiskey bars have probably sold more Pickle Backs than any other places in NYC.

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Anonymous said...

whiskey brooklyn, downstairs next to the counting room? yes.