Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Official Drinking Day du Jour: Scotch Day

Lately, it seems to me, the popular marketing device of the Official Drink Day has gotten out of hand. You can't rub your eyes and reach for your morning cup without soon discovering that the day dawning before you has been reserved especially to pay homage to some particular liquor or cocktail.

June 18, I learned, was National Martini Day. Why that day and not another? Why not? July 19 was National Daiquiri Day, causing Bacardi to send me a few helpful recipes. And this past weekend, on July 24, our nation observed National Tequila Day. (Or did it?)

Who decides these things? The President? Congress? A PR genius somewhere in Midtown Manhattan? Anybody? I don't know. I just read the emails that come through my computer. It's hard to ignore them after a while, so I've decided to create this new feature to mock celebrate these official days and keep my citizens attuned to what booze they should honor and when. After all, we can't have people drinking Daiquiris on National Martini Day, can we?

So take note, fellow Americans: July 27 is National Scotch Day. Please arrange your schedule accordingly. And would it kill you to have a Rob Roy? 

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