Friday, May 21, 2010

The Italian Connection

Next week, I'll be meeting with Christina Bini, a noted Italian mixologist who has been brought over Stateside to devise the cocktail menu at Il Matto, the new restaurant due to open soon in Tribeca. Bini is a big noise in the Italian cocktail world, where she's won a number of awards and works the Fusion Bar in Florence. Il Matto marks her U.S. debut. The initial cocktail list, full of vegetables, spices and savory dashes, looks adventurous. 

Vodka, red bell pepper, ginger, martini rose’ and spicy peperoncino

White tequila, pink peppercorn, thyme, cherry tomatoes, honey, parmigiano.

Via de neri
Gin, martini rose’, pickled cucumber

Sweet White Stone Martini
Vermouth soaked white stone from Liguria “ spiaggia delle uova” vodka or gin martini

Dry Black Stone Martini
Vermouth soaked black stone from Mongolia, vodka or gin martini

Buffalo 66
Rosemary infused vodka, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and beet juice

Rits Time
Calvados, salt, pepper, orange juice and tomato juice

Clamato Mary
Gin, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, clam juice reduction.

Bloody Frida
Ginger infused Silver tequila, tom-yan-gun, salt, pepper, lemon
juice and tomato juice.

Brandy, Frangelico, sugar, ricotta cheese and mixed berries

Rosso Tiziano
Rum, lemon juice, sugar, raspberry, tomato

Midori, green apple, zucchine and heavy cream.

Vodka, lemon juice, sugar, peach puree, celery and white pepper

La Signoria
Gin, lemon juice, sugar, lettuce, strawberry and balsamic reduction.

Scotch, Mandarinetto, cedar zest

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