Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Hideout Returns

The Hideout, of the first, and the smallest, of the hip Brooklyn cocktail joints to open in the past three years, is expected to reopen in a month or so, after having unexpectedly closed last February. 

Fork in the Road reports:
Brooklyn cocktail enthusiasts have been mourning the loss of The Hideout in Fort Greene since the bar quietly closed its doors back in February, reportedly over an internal squabble among management. Now, former head bartender John Pomeroy says that the disagreement has been resolved (or, rather, the disagreeable party removed) and that the bar is expected to reopen in a month or so.
"We've removed the cancer," he says of one of the owners. (The cancer in question is not WBLS radio host Dahved Levy or actor/model Asio Highsmith, both of whom have kept their respective stakes in the establishment.) As for what to expect from the tiny, hidden cocktail lounge when it does reopen, Pomeroy was tight-lipped.
"The entire M.O. will change," he allowed. "The biggest change will be to the ice program. We've always had really good ice, but we're going to do more fancy stuff."
More fancy ice? Like sculptures? Or tiki-like ice cones? 

As for the M.O., is the place shedding its speakeasy aesthetic?

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Anonymous said...

Love a good "bespoke" cocktail but the vibe of this place needs to turn down the faux corny (in 2010 at least) speakeasy with house music vibe.