Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fort Defiance Adds Lunch Cocktail Program

Fort Defiance, a early trailblazer in the growing trend of the cocktail-adorned brunch, has now launched a cocktail program designed to accompany weekday lunch.

The Red Hook cafe and bar has served lunch from the very beginning, serving toothsome dishes like Muffaletta Sandwich and Nicoise Tuna Sandwich. But beverages were limited lemonade, iced tea, seltzer, beer and wine. All very good, of course. Now, if you happen to be in the mood, or have decided to knock off work midday, you can indulge in a Cucumber Collins or Barbados Buck, all priced nicely. Here's the complete list:

Bloody Mary $8
Barbados Buck $8
Venetian Spritz $9
Tom Collins $8
Cucumber Collins $9
Presbyterian $8
Colonial Cooler $8

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