Friday, April 30, 2010

Long Island's LIV Vodka Gets in the Liqueur Game

The distilling scene in New York State just keeps growing and growing.

Long Island Spirits, the island's first craft distillery since the 1800s, and the maker of the well-thought-of LIV Vodka, has now released a line of three potato-based liqueurs called Sorbetta. (According to LIV, the only potato-based liqueurs sold in America.)

All three—lemon, orange and strawberry—have LIV vodka as their base, and use fresh fruit and pure cane sugar. The liqueurs have a simple flavor profile. They taste like what they are: neutral spirit infused with fruit, with no secondary flavor characteristics sneaking in. If you're familiar with limoncello, the lemon liqueur will be no mystery to your tastebuds. The orange is perhaps the most complex, with some of the tangy bitterness of the rind coming into play. The strawberry is the lightest. I'd give it a spritz of seltzer and a lime, or pour it over creamy vanilla ice cream. But serve any of them chilled or on the rocks on a hot summer day, and there will be little to complain about.

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Anonymous said...

i absoultly love your vodka the sorbetta's are to die for highly recomend the smoothest vodka i ever had thank you Tony T Mastic Beach NY