Monday, February 1, 2010

New Rum Bar at Carteles to Focus on Punch

The rum lounge attached to the new East Village sandwich shop Carteles will focus on rum punch, Charlotte Voisey, the mixologist who will be charge of the drink menu, told Off the Presses. "It's about showcasing great rums that work in great punches." 

Furthermore, there will also be a rum cocktail bar downstairs, to be opened later on. Taken together, the three parts of the enterprise—Carteles, cocktail bar, punch lounge—will go by the name Cienfuegos. At present, the upstairs rum punch lounge—which will have 60 seats and emphasize table service—does not have an independent name.

Voisey expects the new bars will help school New Yorkers on the world of rum, which, to many drinkers, doesn't extend much beyond Bacardi. "The attention spent of rum should certainly provide an education yes," she said. "And in terms of rum events and a home for rum in New York City, yes that is what we hope to provide." 

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