Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Sipping News

What white wine will convert a red wine drinker to whites? [Dr. Vino]

Bordeaux is no longer fashionable among the young wine drinkers. [NYT]

New York magazine links together a booze chain, asking leading bartenders what they like to drink at other bars, and then asking the creator of that drink what they like to drink, and on and on and on. Along the way, you here from Greg Seider, Phil Ward, Julie Reiner, Matt DeVriendt and others. One revelation: Brooklyn bartenders drink at Brooklyn bars! [New York]

Jim Beam has created a "Distillers Tree," a genealogy chart tracking every booze-making Beam that ever lived. Neat.

Covet has a $160 cocktail for whatever sucker wants to pay that price. It's the work of mixologist Orson Salicetti (above), a joke who says things like "The ice is made by a world-famous ice sculptor. It has a special density. We wouldn't use anything less." It's stuff like this that gives the cocktail world a bad name. [NYDN]

Beautiful pictures of the soon-to-open Comstock Saloon in San Francisco. [Alcademics]

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