Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More New Liquor Finds

There was plenty new to discover at the Eric Seed-sponsored, Manhattan Cocktail Classic-sanctioned tasting event at WD-50 on the Lower East Side on May 17.

I've already mentioned the new Damson Gin that will be hitting the market in July. Also new in July will be a spiced rum from the Chairman's Reserve folks. It's the same rum, only spiced. They wouldn't tell me anything about the spices they use. "A secret." It's will be priced around $19-$21.

France's Combier, which brought their orange liqueur to the U.S. last year, followed up with the Roi Rene Rouge Cherry Liqueur, which has been in the states for three months. Light, and not as syrupy, it should give the other cherry liqueurs a run for their money behind the bar, just as Combier has challenged the leading triple secs simply by being a quality brand at a better price.

The fine Small Hand Foods line of cocktail mixers made by San Francisco's Jennifer Colliau, I discovered, are now handled by Eric Seed's Hans Alpenz, and are available in eight states, including New York. At present, New York only have the pineapple gum syrup and gum syrup. Apparently, the orgeat is a little more difficult to make in great quantities.

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