Sunday, March 21, 2010

Civilians Encouraged to Mix Behind Bar at Louis 649

Anyone who quotes "Ratatouille" is bound to get my attention. Love that movie.

"ANYONE CAN BE A MIXOLOGIST" cheers a press release from East Village cocktail hole Louis 649, a spin on the movie's Chef Gusteau's motto. To that end, the bar is holding the first ever Louis 649 Consumer Cocktail Competition. Bartenders need not apply; only civilians.

The recipe submission guidelines are these:

1) Submission deadline is April 18.

2) Send all recipes to

3) With submission, please include a detailed recipe with measurements, the type of glass to be used, whether the drink should be served “Up” or over ice, whether it is meant to be stirred or shaken, your full name, email address, phone number, current city and your occupation.

4) Be creative, but not over the top. Please remember, we have to make this cocktail all Spring.

5) You must use one of the following spirits as your base ingredient:
- Beefeater Gin
- Bercherovka Herbal Liqueur
- Chivas 12yr
- Jameson Irish Whiskey
- Luksusowa Vodka
- Martell Cognac
- Pernod Absinthe
- Plymouth Gin
- Ramazzotti Amaro
- Ricard Pastis

6) All other ingredients are up to you, but refer back to Rule #4

As you can see from rule #5, this is a Pernod/Ricard backed event (those are all Pernod products), though the idea came from Louis 649. That takes a bit of the experimental latitude out of things. Still, that's a wide variety of base liquors. 

On April 21, ten semi-finalists will be invited to Louis 649 to prepare their cocktails in front of a panel of bartenders who will then decide the winning cocktail based on criteria the recipe’s creativity, ease of preparation, flavor and balance.

The prize for winning? Your cocktail will be highlighted on the upcoming spring menu and credited to you. The winner will also receive Plymouth Gin Bartending Kit, a one-year subscription to Imbibe (a good magazine featuring some very intelligent writing, I here) and a $100 Gift Card to Louis 649. 


Anonymous said...

this civilian bartending events must be a real fun!

GinMonkey said...

Sounds like a fab idea to me! But why do all the great events like this only seem to happen in America?!?! Definitely need a campaign to bring stuff like this to the UK :)