Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beefeater Releases a "Summer" Gin

Beefeater is on a line-extending jag.

Just a year and a half after launching the tea-tinted Beefeater 24, the venerable old London dry gin firm is back with yet another new product.

Called Beefeater Summer, the recipe—like the 24—hews pretty close to Beefeater's classic botanical mix, but adds three ingredients: elderflower, hibiscus and black currant. The official launch will be in June.

"I wouldn't dare change [the original] recipe and it's not my job to do that," chief distiller Desmond Payne told a recent gathering. "On the back of the success of Beefeater 24, we looked at a seasonal variation. We've bottled it weaker: it's 80 proof. It's quite aimed at the consumer." 

There are limited release whiskeys all over the place. Seasonal gins? Well, why not. 

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