Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Unlikely Boast

A recent Brooklyn real estate posting, peddling a two-story brick corner building in Williamsburg, including this eye-catching boast: "It houses the last intact pre-Prohibition bar in north Brooklyn, crafted by German cabinet makes of Cuban mahogany."

Judging by the picture, there's not doubt it's an old bar, and a beautiful one. But the last intact pre-Prohibition bar in north Brooklyn? Bars were hardly chopped into kindling when Prohibition came along. Many taverns continued to operated as speakeasies. Show me an old wooden bar in New York, and I'll show you a bar that served drinks on the sly in the 1920s. There are plenty of old saloons in north Brooklyn; thus, there are plenty of pre-Prohibition bars inside those saloons. One that comes immediately to mind is Teddy's on Berry Street. 120 years in business certainly places them in business well before Prohibition. And it seems to me Peter Luger's has a nice old bar. And Bamonte's is 110 years old and still have its old bar.

No one ever said realtor's were known for their honesty.

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