Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Sipping News

Plenty of wine woes out there today. A French judge handed out suspended jail terms and hefty fines to 12 wine industry figures for selling millions of bottles of fake pinot noir to US winegiant E&J Gallo. The wine was sold under Gallo’s Red Bicyclette pinot noir label, even though it was made from far less expensive grape varieties. [Chicago Tribune]

Dan Berger of the Press Democrat innumerates all the ways California wine makers can manipulate their wine, including the addition of water and grape concentrates.

Napa is grappling with a wine surplus, its 2009 vintage far from selling out. [NY Times]

Audrey Saunders is no longer a partner at the much ballyhooed L.A. tiki bar The Tar Pit. Marcos Tello is taking temporary command of the drink program. [LA Times]

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