Monday, March 16, 2009

Roasted Tomato Gelée What Now?

Cocktail competitions can bring out the ridiculous in any bartender.

A March 13 article in the New York Times, taking a St. Paddy's Day slant, tells of Bushmills Irish whiskey and its recent effort to join the cocktail crusade by invited various top bartenders to create...well, let me just repeat the Times' words: "cocktails based upon the traditional Irish breakfast — eggs, bacon, black and white pudding, and toast."


So, a bunch of fellas took the bait. Why not? A bit of fun, after all. I think I could work up a curious thirst for Puck Fair's Anthony Malone's mix Bushmills with cherry liqueur and orange juice, along with a whole egg—a twist on the Blood and Sand.

Jim Meehan of PDT also participated and came up with something a little more complex, employing bacon-infused Bushmills, maple syrup, orange and lemon juice and a whole egg. I would give it a try out of respect for Jim's skill and judgment.

But then there's the entry from Eben Freeman, at Tailor. I've never met Eben, but I know of his esteemed reputation and I like his bar. But bacon-infused Bushmills, roasted tomato gelée squares, a slow-poached quail egg yolk, an Irish breakfast-tea foam and crispy black-pudding bits?

Is that a drink or a dare?

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