Monday, October 27, 2008

The Manic Absinthe Trend Continues

I'm still wondering how much is enough in the Absinthe trend. Passed by this sign the other night on First Avenue near 6th. A new restaurant named after the herbal green elixir. There's already one called L'Absinthe on the Upper East Side.

I was at an event the other week of the Tasting Panel Double Gold Winners from the San Francisco International Wine Competition. There was an absinthe among the winners, and, of course, people there told me to forget all about the other absinthes I've tasted until then: This was the real deal. This particular scenario has happened to me several times before. Folks were all hopped up on the Lucid brand when it came out. Then St. George arrived and people said, "Lucid? Feh! St. George is your man!" Then a prominent bar owner told me the St. George was "crap," and I should be drinking the Kübler. Or the Pernod Absinthe. The newest green goddess is always the fair-haired girl.

Me? Well, I think I lean toward the Kubler and Pernod. But I'll have to wait until the effect of whiplash, created by new Absinthes zooming through the revolving door, wear off before I make a considered decision.

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