Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Modern Writers Don't Drink Well.

The amusingly named New York Post journalist Justin Rocket Silverman recently penned an article asking contemporary writers how they are carrying on one of the age-old traditions of their profession: drinking.

Answer: not very well. The five authors he quizzed admitted to drinking, but in terribly bad taste. They themselves didn't say they drank in bad taste; that's my judgment, based on the libations by which they whet their whistle.

Cecily von Ziegesar, author of the "Gossip Girl" books (I know, I know) said her favorite drink was a Ginger Provincial, a specialty cocktail at The London Bar. It's made with ginger-infused Smirnoff shaken with orange liqueur, lime and white cranberry juices.

Douglas Rushkoff ("Media Virus," "Ecstasy Club," etc.) drinks Margarellas—Margaritas made with vodka instead of tequila. Rushkoff said the drink was invented by his friend, Timothy Leary. A girlfriend later told him he was actually drinking Kamikazes.

"Girlbomb" author Janice Erlbaum guzzles Key Lime Martini, which is—you guessed it—made with vodka. Vanilla vodka to be precise, with lime juice and a little cream. It is the signature drink at the hotel where her husband and she got married, the W Hotel in Union Square, so I guess she has an excuse.

Kenji Jasper ("Snow," "Dark," etc.) finally breaks up the vodka trend with his Dakota Grand, which he says he invented himself. Not much of an invention, though: it's Mount Gay rum and orange juice. I imagine that's been tried before a time or twenty.

Finally, Michael Malice ("Overheard in New York") prefers a gin gimlet. Finally, something a bit sophisticated. And no vodka.

A pretty pathetic showing, all around.


Bunnyhugs said...

Ha ha. . not surprising though.

Modern writers just don't live up to the likes of Hemmingway and Graham Greene.

bernard crowshit said...

ha, i drink old crow and pabst blue ribbon! damn straight! i don't fuck around, i'm not published and more than that i'm wondering why i should bother with it, i writes and writes, nobody listens, but still i writes, that's the key, forget what the censors want to hear, this world needs to know the real more than the sold to us for once in a long time. this internet is our key.