Friday, January 11, 2008

Whither Death & Co.

Death & Co, the swanky East Village faux-speakeasy, which has had its fair share of trouble with the locals and the Stage Liquor Authority, may be in its final days, reports The Villager.

The Greenwich Village paper said that on Dec. 21, "the State Liquor Authority notified the bar’s owners that it would not renew the place’s liquor license." (Nice Christmas present, huh?)

Some neighborhood folks have never really forgiven the place for originally representing itself as a restaurant that would close early. But it would be a sad thing if the joint closed down. It does what it does so well, and the bartenders are friendly and informative. I've never noticed a big hubbub outside the place, the way you do at other bars, and the patrons inside have always conducted themselves in a respectable fashion. (Of course, I've never been there past midnight. Who knows what goes on after that.)

I hope they'll be around at least a little while longer. I still haven't gotten my bowl of punch!

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Anonymous said...

Reports of Death & Co.'s demise are greatly exaggerated. The Villager never bothered to fact-check their article prior to publishing and have since published a retraction. More details can be found here: