Monday, January 28, 2008

Calling All Brandy Old Fashioneds!

No post I've made to this blog in the year it's been operating has received the frequent and sustained hits as has my Oct. 8 analysis of that Wisconsin phenomenon, the Brandy Old-Fashioned. Nearly every other day, it tops the list of my most popular pages. Obviously, there's an ongoing and nagging interest in this cocktail, which is not found outside the borders of the Badger State.

This gave me an idea. Sooner of later I'm gonna be back in the land of Colby and bratwurst. I've sipped only a few Brandy Old Fashioned in my time, having looked down my nose at them until just recently. I'd like a few tips on where to head for the best BOF that Wisconsin has to offer.

So, readers, I ask you for your secrets. Who makes 'em right? Who's made 'em longest? What sort of brandy is preferable (Korbel or another)? What sort of fruit and how much of it? What kind of glass? Send in your favorite BOF bars, taverns, pubs, restaurant, fish fry joints, etc. They can be situated in any part of the stage, from Superior to Beloit, Washington Island to the Mississippi. (Though I would appreciate a few candidates from the Milwaukee area, since that's the place I usually end up in.)

I'll wait a month for replies to trickle in and them post my findings.

Read more about Brandy Old Fashioneds here.


tom said...

You should go to a place like the Villager in Sheboygan Falls, Ziggy's in Sheboygan, or Idlewile Inn in St Cloud. Go for fish fry on Friday and get an old fashioned.

Ever hear of cherry bounce?

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee born and raised, and a brandy old fashioned sweet lover. Go to At Random in Milwaukee!

Jimboschow said...

Madison, Wisconsin is the place. Home of the Old Fashioned bar and restaurant. Check out the cocktail menu if you need proof: