Friday, August 17, 2007 Cocktail Contest Announced Winners

The summer cocktail contest inspired by my recent interview with cocktail blogger Paul Clarke concluded, with the winners being announced today.

The were winners in the gin, vodka, rum and "other" categories. The grand prized went to the Ice Tea Classic. It goes like this:

1 to 2 parts Earl Grey-infused vodka
2 parts lemon soda (Editor's note: We used Limonata)
a sprig of mint
a thinly sliced lemon
a splash of simple syrup (optional)

To make Earl Grey-infused vodka: For a 750 ml bottle, steep 4 tea bags for four to five hours (or until it's brewed-tea color; don't let it sit too long, or it will get bitter and tannic).

To construct cocktail: Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour one to two parts vodka (depending on how strong you like it [Editor's note: Uh ... we used two]) over ice. Add two parts lemon soda as a mixer. (Folks who like their iced tea sweet may want to add a splash of simple syrup [Editor's note: We didn't]). Add a sprig of crushed mint and one or two thinly sliced rounds of lemon as a garnish.

Sounds nice. But I wonder if I'm going to plunk down money for Earl Grey-infused vodka just to make it. Or if I'm going to plunk down mone for vodka period.

Update: Whoops. Of course, as a reader just reminded me, they mean vodka infused with tea, not a special product on the market. Sometimes, the brain doesn't compute. Still, I have to buy the vodka.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... if you have the vodka already, the outlay for a teabag or two doesn't seem like it'd break the bank.