Wednesday, August 1, 2007

LeNell's Red Hook Rye Made Need New Name

It looks like the rumors about LeNell's, the celebrated wine and "likker" store in deepest Red Hook, may be true.

An item on Grub Street quotes an employee as saying that the shop, one of the pioneers in the rebirth of the Red Hook nabe, is leaving its location on Van Brunt street, and is looking for another place. Maybe in Red Hook, maybe not. The store wants to remain loyal to the area, according to the item. But rents will be rents, and Red Hook developers are still suffering under the delusion that they're hawking townhouses in Sutton Place or something.

It's been enjoyable to have so much hard-to-find liquor in one convenient location. I will miss LeNell's if it moves away. And Red Hook will lose one of its only high-end businesses willing to stay open until midnight.


R.Robot said...

who'd ever thought people would have to leave to leave Red Hook because the rent was too high.
What a crazy age we live in.

SZ said...

I saw that article in the Times about this situation, and this prompted me to go visit Lenell's. It's a great little place with a unique selection. I love the Tomcat wine.

J said...

Thank god it's still there! Or at least was as of several months ago. And thank god I can now find a source for Red Hook Rye. My boyfriend wants a bottle, now he'll have one.