Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where All the Drink Folks Meet

All the drink folks in New Orleans gathered in force Wednesday night at Todd English's restaurant Riche, located in the Harrah's hotel, which looks like something the ancient Egyptians might have built during a period when they were perpetually drunk and had misplaced their sense of taste.

There was a mess of vittles inside, everything from pasta to buffalo wines to Pâté to raw oysters and shrimp. Champagne sat chilling in ice-sculpture buckets. I saw Ann Rogers, the founder and organizer of TOTC, for the first time today. She looked fresh enough for someone with a million things on her mind. She also introduced me to a lot of people, most of whose names I have already forgetten. (I'm sure they'll come back to me over the next couple days.)

Later on, Ann started speechifying, and handed out awards to those people had taken part in all five TOTCs, among them Dale DeGroff, Jared Brown, and representatives of Borders and the Hotel Monteleone. She then wished us a good night and told us "to go out and enjoy New Orleans great bars and restaurants."

I enjoyed one—the Carousel again—and went to bed.

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