Thursday, July 19, 2007

Things I've Learned

Here are some things I've learned on the second day of "Tales of Cocktail":

*It's hard to post items on your blog when you're attending back-to-back seminars.
*It's impossible to post items to your blog when you can't figure out how to connect to the internet when you're in the Monteleone conference rooms.
*The experts at this event know a crazy amount of intricate and obscure stuff about the history of every freakin' intoxicant on the planet.
*If you go to TOTC, you're going to hear the name Jerry Thomas about 100 times. (Then you won't hear it again until the next convention.)
*The thing to wear at a rum seminar is a Hawaiian shirt.
*There's a guy who lives in New Orleans who owns 800 bottles of rum.

I'll post more about today's seminars in detail later, but now I must have a Muffuletta Sandwich or die.

1 comment:

Who is Dr. Bamboo? said...

As the proud owner of several Hawaiian shirts, I appreciate the tip on the rum seminar dress code.

I also own a grass skirt. Too much?