Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tough Choices

I'll be attending the "Tales of the Cocktail" spirits convention in New Orleans again this year. It's the fifth year for the event, and they've certainly bulked up on the seminars. Many are quite interesting and I'm having a tough time decided between panels that are running simultaneously in different rooms at the wonderful old Hotel Monteleone on Royal Street.

For instance, Ted Haigh's class on "Lost Ingredients" and how to recreate them (Falernum, Creme de Violette, Absinthe) is running at the same time as Charlotte Voisey's "Spirited Women Past and Present," about the roll of women in cocktails history.

But the hardest choice of all comes on Saturday, July 21, when "American Rye Whiskey" with Allan Katz runs neck and neck with "Cocktails and the Blogosphere," with Paul Clarke ("The Cocktails Chronicle" blog), Darcy O'Neil ("The Art of Drink") and Rick Stutz ("Kaiser Penguin"). I'm very interested in rye, as well as cocktail blogging. If I could clone myself, I would do it for the two hours when these two events take place. As it is, I may have to run back and forth between the Riverview Room and the La Nouvelle East Room. Or leave a running tape recorder in one of them.


Darcy said...

Come and join us for the Cocktails and the Blogosphere event. We'll make it informative and keep you entertained, I promise.

Darcy O'Neil
The Art of Drink

camper said...

I was having the same dilemma, but I figure with enough pulling of fire alarms, blowing circuits, and other forms of sabotage we can delay competing seminars long enough to catch both. In order to drink like a ninja, you have to think like a ninja.