Saturday, June 16, 2007

Best Damn Rosé Ever?

Guess I forgot to write about this a month back, when I dined at Chanterelle in preparation for writing my column "In the Cellar" for the New York Sun. But I had the most fantastic rosé when I was there. The sommelier Roger Dagorn suggested it. He was at the time (probably still is) justifiably proud of the new Greek additions to his wine list.

The wine was a Mantinia Tselepos 2004, made from the Moschofilero grape. Don't know how I didn't write about it earlier, because it was fantastic—one of the most balanced, lively, deep and enjoyable rosés I've ever had. A wonderful array of floral notes. That said, it's most astounding aspect may be its color. Rosés can bear a wide range of hues, from pink to salmon to ruby to light red. Depends on the grape and the amount of exposure to the skins. But this was tangerine color. I swear, tangerine. Absolutely stunning shade of light orange. I had never seen it before.

It went beautifully with my marinated loin of lamb with Mount Athos olives and mini falafel balls. I haven't been able to find the wine since. If you see it in New York anywhere, let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Yeaa .... i trully think that Mantinia from Tselepos is a great wine .... from 2003 to 2008 every vintage its great ...