Monday, April 16, 2007

Sherry-Lehmann Shifts East

Sherry-Lehmann—the keeper of the Bordeaux, the holder of well-heeled custom, the intimidating nexus of oenophlia, the one New York wine store out-of-towners have heard of—is moving.

The move, however, is only geographical, not spiritual, since the shop's only shifting from one block of the affluent Upper East Side to another block of the Upper East Side. In fact, if anything, it's new location will be more in tune with its image. For decades it's been on Madison Avenue near 61st, a ritzy address to be sure. But now it will actually be on Park Avenue itself, at the northeast corner of 59th.

The space is Art Deco, all gold and black metal. According to articles, the owners want to keep the cozy, woody feel of the Madison space and will outfit the new digs accordingly. Construction is supposed to conclude by August, when the grand opening is set to happen. The logistics of transporting $1.5 million in wine from one space to the other should be interesting. Since the addresses are only a few blocks from eachnother, I guess they could just handcart it over. They better hope, however, that those wine thiefs that just robbed that Silicon Valley baron of his entire cellar don't discover their schedule.

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