Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Dubonnets

I remember a couple years back listening to the person who represented Dubonnet in the U.S. lamenting about the aperitif's lackluster bottle design (below), and how hard it was to market it. I had to agree. It's a dull bottle.

Imagine what could be done with the above container. I spotted this on a recent trip abroad. I know that the Dubonnet we drink here is produced in America, not France. Apparently, both sides of the pond have their own bottle design, too. I actually find the above look a bit slick and vulgar. But it's an improvement over the faux-classy look of the Yankee vessel.

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Christine Nee Ehren Now Snyder said...

So I was looking @ Dubonnet online as I started into Lionel ASBO: State of England and what was the second or third hit after the Wiki? Your blog. AWESOME. I miss those Playbill drink nights. Why,that's when I first learned the difference between a gibson and a martini (I would go on later to have an FABULOUS gibson at Blue Hill at Stone Barns). My husband and I are quite the cocktail geeks, although we don't drink so much anymore. Anyway, Robert, awesome to see your blog. Hope you're well. I included my email addy if you ever want to grab a drink. Mayahuel is still a huge favorite.