Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Becherovka Finally Gets the Green Light

Remember how last summer was going to be the summer when Becherovka, the wonderful Czech liqueur, was going to go wide in America. I sure do. I wrote about it. An article that appeared in Wine Enthusiast. And yet all this time, Becherovka never appeared. Readers kept writing to me asking where it was, and and complaining that they couldn't get the stuff, and were forced to ask traveling friends to smuggle it in from Europe.

Well, turns out it was caught up in US government channels for months, held up by the TTB. I couldn't get an answer from Pernod Ricard, which owns Becherovka, as to when it would be unleashed.

Until now. I ran into Pernod's Jamie Gordon by accident in a Brooklyn bar. He told me Becherovka should be on U.S. shelves by the end of March. So get ready to pour yourself a Concrete.

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Polska said...

I have yet to see it flowing. Any idea what is going on? What about distribution in western US?