Monday, February 28, 2011

"Drink.Think," Talkfest By Booze Writers, Set for March 1

On Tuesday, March 1, I will participate in the second edition of "Drink.Think," the oxymoronically titled event in which liquor writers read from their work. Some will be reading from their latest book. Other, more lowly creatures (such as me) will read from their published journalism. The event will take place at 7 PM at Jimmy's No. 43 at 43 E. 7th Street in the East Village. From what I hear, there will be free things to drink. So, there's motivation. And don't worry: nobody will be allowed to read for more than five minutes.

Here's the line-up:

1. Anne Mendelson, excerpt from "Milk"

2. Nora Maynard, Tokyo travel piece involving booze and coffee
3. Annia Ciezadlo, the secret history of Muslim wine
4. Robert Simonson, Brandy Old Fashioneds
5. WR Tish, wine "stand-up comedy"
6. Lisa McLaughlin, Guinness and whiskey and a pub in Dublin
7. Dania Rajendra, milk and coffee, "but more about milk."
8. Jason Wilson, "something about wine" or a "Boozehound" excerpt
9. Andrew Gottlieb, "Drink" excerpt (probably related to Ireland)
10. David Wondrich, "Punch" excerpt

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