Friday, June 10, 2011

Christina Bini Will Not Back Down

The Florentine mixologist Christina Bini caught a lot of flack last year for the curious cocktail program she delivered at the quirky Tribeca Italian restaurant Il Matto. Cocktails made of tomatoes, lettuce, ricotta cheese and vermouth-soaked stones didn't exactly fit the accepted New York model.

You'd think the relatively quick closing of Il Matto (it lasted less than a year despite some good reviews)  would have chastened Bini. But the blonde bartender is made of sterner stuff. The owners of Il Matto have returned to the same space with a new restaurant called White & Church, and the new iteration bears an even more focused emphasis on Bini's creation. Bini has upped her game to meet the challenge. Of particular notice is a whole section devoted to cocktails with insects. That's right: insects. Grasshoppers and bees and such. 

Any bartender in this town who thinks their concoctions are brave should take a look at the cod-infused gin and eggplant cream-filled libations below before their next boast:

ginger infused vodka, red bell pepper, ginger, Martini rose

via de neri
gin, Martini rose, cucumber, pink peppercorn

breakfast martini
pear Grey Goose vodka, St. Germain, emmenthal cheese , black pepper

smoked martini
scotch whiskey, vodka, smoked salmon

black and white stone
vodka, Mongolian black stone infused in vermouth dry, vodka, Ligurian white stone infused in vermouth

corteccia martini gin, butter and anchovies
vodka, liquid butter , anchovies

tequila infused with mustard, cherry tomatoes, fresh thyme, parmigiano cheese

buffalo 66
vodka infused with rosemary, lemon juice, Worcester sauce, celery salt, red beet, hot pepper 14

bloody frida
white tequila infused with ginger, tom-yan-gum, lemon juice, tomato juice, curry powder

beer and tomatoes
lager beer, celery salt, tabasco, lime, tomato juice

salty cappuccino
vodka, eggplant cream, Worcester sauce, salt, black pepper, sundered tomato, fresh oregano

clamato mary
Cod infused gin, worcester sauce, salt, black pepper, tabasco , clam juice

Midori, zucchini, green apple, ginger, heavy cream 14

dolce vita
Amaretto di Saronno, Bourbon whiskey, Mascarpone cheese, biscotti di Prato

rosso tiziano
rum, lemon juice, sugar, chestnut cream, raspberry pure', tomato juice

vodka, lemon juice, sugar, celery, peach

vodka, lemon juice, sugar, arugula, pear

brandy, Frangelico, fresh ricotta cheese, strawberry pure'

Strega liquour, lemon juice, honey, sage, apricot

do you remember last night
Scotch whiskey, Pimm's No .1 , Aperol , soda water

vicolo dell'oro
Pimm's No.1 , red port wine, fresh ginger, carrot, ace juice 14

Cynar, Fernet Branca, lemon juice, fresh mint, soda water

studio 54
tequila infused with St. Germain, mango puree, Chinotto S.Pellegrino

basil americano
Campari, Martini red, Orangina S. Pellegrino

TROMP' OILovetto fritto
white tequila, lemon juice, sugar, soy milk, egg white, peaches under syrup, balsamic vinegar reduction 14

pollo fritto
Martini rosso budino

rum infused with apple and cinnamon, lemon juice, sugar, honey, toasted bees

blue velvet
black opal, brandy infused with tobacco cigar

why not
tequila, Contreau, lime juice, avocado, sugar, mexican worms, red pepper

milk, coconut, creme caramel, grasshoppers

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