Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1534 to Host Cocktail Tournament to Benefit Denver Bartender's Wife

On May 16, 1534, the new Lower East Side cocktail bar, will play host to the Mixfits Royal Rumble, "a twisted bartending charity tournament of sorts, to be held during (but not with) the Manhattan Cocktail Classic."

Heading up the Rumble is Denver bartender Sean Kenyon whose wife was diagnosed with MS this past year. In support of MS research, the majority of the proceeds for this rumble will benefit the MS Society.

Tobin Ellis and Steve Olson will judge the work of 18 bartenders, who will be put through three rounds of competition, and number of competitors being winnowed down with each round. Among those trying for the prize are such luminaries as Tad Carducci, John Lermayer, Misty Kalkofen, Danny Valdez and Don Lee. The premise of each round is a secret, and I'm not supposed to reveal any information. But let's just say there are some interesting criteria for winning. The victor will get a $900 cash prize.

The action begins at midnight and lasts until 4 AM. $20 buys you admission.

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