Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Orleans Bound

It's that time of year again, when every spirits experts and spirits journalist hops a plane and heads for the Big Easy to talk cocktails, think cocktails, make cocktails and drink cocktails.

"Tales of the Cocktail," now in its sixth year, will run July 16-20. For the first time since I've been attending, I will be there for the duration of the event. Last year I blogged the hell out of it. I may or may not this year, as I am on assignment for Saveur and must attend to paying, as opposed to elective, writing concerns. But I wouldn't be surprised if I post an item or two.

I will be there mainly as an attendee, not having risen to the level of a presenter quite yet. (And, frankly, I'm not at all sure I want to rise to that level. More work, less fun.) But I will make a cameo supporting appearance of sorts at St. John Frizell's
Sunday seminar "The Gentleman’s Companion: The Life and Times of Charles H. Baker, Jr.," all about the noted cocktail author. Some months ago I made Baker's recipe for Orange Bitters, and it came out quite well. St. John, who lives nearby, noted that he had never made that particular bitters of Baker's. So I gave him a bottle, which he said he'd use in the talk.

Needless to say, I am very proud.


Judith said...


Please excuse any informality, but after reading this posting and learning of your Saveur assignment I would like to invite you to an exclusive after hours event hosted by Lu Brow & Todd Thrasher, both of whom Dana Bowen greatly admires.

I was unable to locate a direct email address, so please contact me as to what email I can send the invitation.



Robert Simonson said...

Judith: Thanks for writing. You can send the invite to rsimonson@playbill.com.