Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monkey on Top

Another drink I'm regularly obsessed with is the Monkey Gland, a Jazz Age concoction of gin, orange juice, grenadine and absinthe. I make these at home all the time. So much are they part of my cocktail mindset that, recent, when called upon the scholars at the Beverage Alcohol Resource to create a new cocktail, I used the Monkey Gland as my template and came up with something called the Star Monkey (star anise was involved).

Still, I realize the cocktail is still pretty obscure. Or is it? I went to Danny Meyer's Eleven Madison Park the other day and what did I see in the very top spot of the cocktail menu? Yes, the Monkey Gland, in all its glory. That place is hence one cool joint, in my opinion.

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~Sonja~ said...

So funny to see this in my reader tonight, I just had a Monkey Gland myself! Its one of my current faves, so I am totally with you on that. Unfortunately I've not seen it on a menu here in Chicago yet... but I'm working on it!